Your position: dealers development principles

    Principle for Developing Greenland Dealers
    Greenland carries out a win-win policy. It believes that by establishing and expanding long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with dealers, developing and sharing markets with dealers, both parties can enjoy a great benefit.
    Greenland dealers and marketing system are developed with the development of Greenland, and on the other hand, the development of dealers and marketing system will promote the development of Greenland.
    (1) Greenland commits itself to equal, sincere, mutual beneficial and win-win cooperation with dealers all over the world in order to provide best service to users.
    (2) Greenland protects the interests of dealers and helps them to develop and expand. It stimulates dealers? initiative, activity and creativity by providing them with full supports, various awards and broad scope of development.
    (3) Along with the development of dealers, Greenland builds up a complete and effective supply and marketing system step by step.

    Support Policy
    (1) Information Support: Greenland collects information on correlative products, industries and markets and provides it to dealers in order to help them to get opportunities and reduce risks.
    (2) Sample Support: Greenland provides demo software to dealers for marketing and sales promotion.
    (3) Advertisement Support: Greenland provides dealers with advertisement support by launching advertisement, propaganda and marketing promotion all over the world according to its marketing strategy.
    (4) Training Support: Greenland trains technical personnel for dealers so they can solve technical problems possible occurred during sales process.
    (5) Service Support: Greenland provides dealers with complete solution before, during, and after sale.
    (6) Marketing Support: According to the situation of business development and marketing requirement, Greenland provides dealers with promotional materials for free such as VI, brochures, posters, announcements…etc.
    (7) Management Support: Greenland provides management support to dealers and helps them to establish sales teams and develop marketing channels.
    (8) Experience Support: Greenland collects successful experience from its excellent dealers and share them with all other dealers in order to improve their management skill and business performance.

    Management on Dealers
    (1) Greenland tries its best to support and help dealers to develop the business.
    (2) In order to eliminate vicious competition, Greenland will develop dealers according to the marketing strategy and network so as to ensure the interest of each dealer.

    How to Become a Greenland Deale
    (1) Step 1: After obtaining necessary information on Greenland, its products and its policy on developing dealers, people can contact Greenland business representatives. After thorough communication, both parties reach an initial agreement.
    (2) Step 2: People submit the "Dealer Registration Form" as well as a copy of their business license to Greenland for appraisal.
    (3) Step 3: After thorough negotiation, both parties sign the “Dealer Agreement” which states the obligations and rights of both parties. Once the dealer can start the business operation, it will represent Greenland to sell products.